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May 29, 2015
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President’s Message

Dear Valued Peerless Supporter,

We are presently living in and experiencing exciting times in the lighting industry. As in the early 1980’s, when the Personal Computer (PC’s) evolved from being used for specialized applications to becoming mainstream for the computing industry within a few years, LED lighting has followed a similar path. Within the past few years, LED lighting evolved from being used for outdoor applications to becoming mainstream in all commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential applications. This was due to major advancements in LED technology together with companies such as Peerless adapting to this new technology. As with every changing and new industry, there exist many companies that start up just to take advantage of the early adapters. Many of these of companies never made lighting fixtures in the past and believe that the key word LED will sell their product. A lighting fixture is much more than its light source, whether it be fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, or LED, as a computer is much more than its “Intel” chips.  It is in the way they are configured to produce results both in performance and appearance.

As with every fast growing industry, standards had to be developed quickly and Design Lighting Consortium (“DLC”) Certification has quickly become the yardstick in the LED lighting industry. For a luminaire to become DLC listed, it must meet strict minimum requirements such as being safety approved from an approved laboratory (i.e. CSA, ETL, and UL), carry a minimum of a 5 year warranty and meet minimum efficacy (lumens/watt) levels. DLC Certification assures the customer that the product is efficient and compliant with safety standards. When a manufacturer submits a luminaire for DLC Certification it must also include all the lumen levels and colours (CCT) that it seeks certification for. As each combination requires testing and therefore additional fees, many manufacturers certify only certain combinations. Therefore, the sole requirement for many Rebate programs is that the actual luminaire being purchased be DLC listed both in lumen level and color. This can be easily verified by visiting the DLC website and searching for the exact product code that is to be eligible.

Peerless has been a premier lighting fixture manufacturer for over 77 years and we have earned our well respected reputation by supplying quality products and excellent service to the market place. We have continuously adapted to meet the needs of our customers while applying the latest technologies. Peerless has never rested on its laurels and has continuously evolved throughout the years. In just the past two years we introduced a new logo, new colors, a new responsive web site, a new internal Design and Engineering Department allowing us to offer an ever expanding LED product line, including a comprehensive list of DLC Certified products.

This Peerless Communique which will now be sent out on a monthly basis will help inform you about developments in the lighting industry as well as the new and exciting events happening at Peerless. I invite you to explore our new web site which also contains our LED section at www.peerless-electric.com. Please feel free to contact myself or any Peerless representative for your comments or if you require further information.

Barry Fagen